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All Gangs In Cyberpunk 2077

The Night city world has been described as a violent place, where lot of in game characters are out to get you. It is no surprise that there are a handful of unfriendly gangs who roam and lay claims to various parts of the city.

Here are all the gangs you will encounter in Cyberpunk 2077 and their characteristics:

6th Street

The gang began with good intentions, formed by war veterans to protect residents of the Vista Del Rey district. Their motto was "bringing justice to the city", however somewhere along the line, things changed and those initial values were lost.

Now the 6th street gang exists to serve their own ends. They run Santo Domingo and can’t even be relied upon by the people that need them.

The Mox

Gang members can be found roaming Lizzie’s bar. They call themselves," those who protect working girls and guys," from the violence and abuse. This is because they supposedly idolize Elizabeth "Lizzie" Borden, a former prostitute who ran a strip club and treated all her employees well as well as protected them.

The Mox gang members are loyal and defensive of their own. They are mostly sex workers and punks and will not hesitate to indulge in violence and shady dealings if it will benefit one of their own.


Maelstrom gang members can be identified by their chrome and leather outfit. They also heavily augment themselves with cyber technology and as a result many members suffer from cyber-psychosis - a mental illness caused by an overload of cybernetic augmentations (the Cyber-psycho loses their sense of identity as a person). The Maelstrom were formed from the leftovers of the Metal Warriors gang which was almost wiped out by the Inquisitors (a cyberware-hating cult).

Maelstrom gang members view ordinary humans as weak and with their old boss, Hammer, thrown out of the gang they have no values are now violent towards most other people. They are always in search of drugs and new tech.


Animals are a gang of body builders fueled by steroid and supplements. They value physical strength above all else and do not rely on Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware to get the job done. In their quest for bodily perfection gang members use and deal in illegal industrial strength supplements and a one-of-a-kind steroid called "The Juice"

The Animals are led by Sasquatch, the fastest and strongest amongst them. They are are usually used across Night City as bouncers for bars and clubs, due to their impressive physiques. The major goal of the Animals to be the biggest and baddest in Night City. They are the Voodoo Boys’ main rivals.

Voodoo Boys

Voodoo boys gang originates from Haiti and resides in one of the most dangerous districts in Cyberpunk 2077, the Pacifica area. Gang members are easily identifiable by their tattoos, feather implants, bio-sculpting, and bones embedded in their noses and ears.

The gang is known for being very violent, regularly torturing and mutilating victims for rituals and psychological terror.

The Lizzies

This gang is obsessed with singer Lizzy Wizzy, who committed suicide on stage and was brought back to life, but with a cybernetic body. Gang members consider her resurrection as a form of art and will go out of their way to mistreat anyone who talks negatively about her

Tyger Claws

The Tyger Claws have Japanese origins and can be found in Japantown. The gang is supported by the Arasaka corporation and are known for their luminous tattoos and motorcycles.

The Tyger Claws prefer to make use traditional Japanese weapons like the Katana, and also martial arts instead of cyber enhancements. They are also rumored to be experts at disguising their underground illegal entertainment with overground businesses.

The Wraiths

The Wraiths are Nomads that operates in the badlands of Night City. They are led by Dogkiller and mostly roam their territory at night, attacking enemies while they sleep. It is rumored that Dog killer wears human skin as clothing.

Gang members have frequent conflicts against another nomadic group called the Aldecaldos. The Wraiths have a souped-up vehicle called the "Reaver" which they use to patrol the badlands.


The Valentinos are a loyal family who stick together with an interesting motive. They hold no territory and have desire battle other gangs. Their only goal is to seduce the most beautiful women in the city, the more difficult they appear to attract, the better.

After sleeping with the women, gang members convene four times a year to compare notes against their targets. The gang is made up of predominantly Latin American members. They are known for out of control street parties and drag races.

Steel Dragons

The Steel Dragons are a Japanese gang founded by Yorinobu Arasaka, the heir to the Arasaka corporation after he discovered the company's nefarious activities. His gang has sworn to destroy the Arasaka corporation and everything they stand for.

The gang wears black leather and embroidered suits and loves to ride motorcycles. You can spot them roaming the streets on motorcycles and cars creating mayhem and engaging in violent gang wars using traditional weapons. They are direct adversaries to the Tyger Claws.


The Bozo's are sadistic pranksters who will hurt people for their own entertainment. Each member of the gang is insane to one degree or another, with majority of them firmly in the grip of cyberpsychosis. They especially enjoy playing on people's fears and anxieties. It is rumored their current leader was a former Arasaka research tech, and that he makes various devices for them.

Their bodies are not mere costumes, most of them have surgically altered their bodies to look like clowns and have long feet and permanent frowns. The Bozos do not choose victims from the artist's colony where they live, they are known to target victims from all over the city.

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