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Here's How Much We Know About Cyberpunk 2077 Game

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Warning!!! This post contains really big spoilers

  • The hacking mini-game in no longer necessary

  • V can only be slim or muscular

  • There will be sexually explicit weaponry

  • With crafting perks you can also add mods to your clothing

  • You can see a 3D map of Night City in the menu

  • You will be able to drive vehicles in 1st and 3rd person

  • You can swim

  • You will be able to break into any car , but you will need the proper strength perks to rip open the doors and the proper hacking perks for hot-wiring it

  • There is a pc in your apartment that is usable

  • You can pet cats !(and also other animals like Iguana)

  • The car physics will be pretty realistic

  • You can injure/dismember enemies and then leave them alive and (presumably) disarmed instead of killing them (a pacifist play through will be possible)

  • The game has a sort of "hidden" morality system , the game will secretly keep track of how many "good" and "bad" choices you have made (unconfirmed)

  • Any weapon and cyberware will be color customizable

  • There are 12 skill trees, with Body having 3 branches, reflex having 3, tech hacking two as well as intelligence and cool having two.

  • One of the quests has 7 different outcomes

  • Companions are really useful , and not only in fights

  • Your UI is determined by what enhancements you have equipped and by your Life Path

  • Due to the changing allegiances of characters; you feel suspicious about every single character you meet

  • XBD's or illegal Brain dances (torture ones)are found on the Black Market, or at certain Night Markets sold by seedy individuals (not confirmed if you are going to have access to them)

  • There are children in the game ,you cannot kill them

  • When the tutorial ends, it's 6 month later and it starts where the E3 2018 game play demo began; with the "No Future" elevator

  • Trauma Team and police will tase/shock you if you do not comply with their orders

  • There are animals - but very few of them. It is implied that most of them are artificial

  • Yorinobu Arasaka has the Johnny Silverhand chip

  • Gun Shops can offer you missions

  • There are a roaming CyberPsychosis NPC rampaging as side-mini-bosses

  • The world feels alive - living and breathing. This is due to the atmosphere, NPC animations/ chatter and the lighting & textures

  • There are upwards of a dozen radio stations [12+]

  • There is a Rock music station

  • You can hear live police reports through the radio

  • It was reiterated that all of the music on the radio is comprised of all original, new songs performed by famous artists and CD Projekt Red's own sound team

  • Side-quests are extremely varied

  • The map is obscenely packed with things to see and do

  • You can enter a lot of buildings (contradicting reports on that)

  • Huge variety of weapons. Even similar weapons have entirely different stats and abilities

  • Vehicles all have unique interiors

  • There are "Bounty" missions in the game. One of which has you tracking down an infamous and extremely dangerous gang of CyberPsychos

  • Sometimes when you gain a level you'll get an attribute point. No word on how often this happens, as you don't get one every time you gain a level

  • Your perk skill levels can not be higher than the corresponding attribute level; so for example if your governing skill for Stealth is 6, you're Stealth skill perks cannot go above 6 - unless you increase that governing attribute's number to 7 or higher

  • Every skill in the game has between 20 and 30 perk options

  • Street Cred is not a morality system - it can only go up

  • There are some items in stores and from vendors that you can only buy if you are well renowned in Night City

  • There are tons of Witcher Easter Eggs in the game

  • You can add Cybernetic enhancements to your circulatory system

  • There is a "Metriod-esque" trope at the start, where after the tutorial if flashes 6 month later and all your Cyberware and abilities are stripped away; forcing you to start from scratch

  • You can watch TV

  • Every building you enter is insanely detailed

  • Your jaw will drop when you see the Skill Perk Tree - it is like a humongous spider web

  • Auto-Aim can be toggled on and off.

  • You can shoot while driving whenever you like

  • You can take enemy weapons and use them

  • 1 real time hour =8 hours in game (3 real time hours = 24 hours in the game)

  • If you have no experience with a weapon you are going to have trouble aiming and reloading it

  • You can skip time with no loading times

  • Number of NPCs will be connected with the time and area

  • NPCs can pee (realistically!)

  • If you stare at someone long enough they will respond

  • No pointless choices

  • No repeated lines from NPCs , they speak with you in real time

  • Only 4-5 real cut scenes in the game (where you have no control of what is happening)

  • There are stuff that can only be kept in a certain temperature (a nano chip for example)

  • There is fall damage (and mods that can reduce it)

  • Each attribute can be leveled to lvl 20

  • At least 20 cyberware mod slots

  • At least 85 side quests

  • At least 70 street stories (unconfirmed)

  • There is a stamina bar for melee attacks , blocking , counter attacking , combos, etc.

  • Your animations will reflect your weapon skill, and they will improve as your skill does (The only footage we've seen of melee/sword combat was from a low level V)

  • You can be a bounty hunter by hacking into the NCPD police database to hunt for wanted citizens and collect the bounty money

  • Nudity can be turned on and off at the start of the game and possibly whenever you like (The journalist who played in the recent demos said full nudity is possible. You can enable it or disable it In the character creation you have a choice for the nudity to be censored/underwear or have the character be fully nude )


  • Short circuit - Overloads the opponent's cyberware and causes damage through the short circuit

  • Overheating - This more powerful attack not only overloads the enemy cyberware, but sets it on fire, causing damage over time

  • SOS signal - Fakes a distant squad member's emergency call, causing the victim to move and search the area

  • Suicide - Puts the target in cyberpsychosis, killing them with their own weapon.

  • Optics Restart - Resets the target's eye implants so that restarting the cyberware triggers temporary blindness

  • Weapon Malfunction - Impairs the functioning of the opposing weapon or even causes the weapon to need to be replaced



  • Brain (3 slots)

  • Eyes

  • Cardiovascular system (3)

  • Immune system (2)

  • peripheral nervous system (2)

  • Skin (3)

  • Operating system (1)

  • Skeletal system - hands, arms and legs (on both sides)

Your cyberwares have the same 6 levels of quality as any other items and depending on their quality they may take more than 1 slot to install

2. Some of the cyberware you can install are:

  • Mantis Blades - Probably the most famous cyberware in the game. The mighty blades protrude from V's forearm and several fragments are available

  • Blood pump - Installed in the cardiovascular system slot. It activates at a certain point in time and improves healing

  • Micro-rotors - Passive cyberware in the nervous system that improves movement speed and precision

  • Reflex tuners - are triggered cyberware that activates slow motion as soon as your health falls below a critical value

  • Gorilla Hands - Logically installed in the hands and vastly improves your strength and melee strength. There are also several fragments here

  • Monowire - The cyberware that houses a fiber optic lasso in your arm that you can use to easily slice opponents in slices. The quick hack function via the Mono-wire is probably one of the fragments

  • Krenzikov - We first encountered this cyber ware in Cyberpunk 2077 as a booster spray, but it also exists as an implant for your nervous system. The trigger activates a slow motion effect as soon as you have successfully avoided an enemy attack

  • Synlungs - Artificial lungs that are installed in the cardiovascular system and improve the regeneration of your endurance


  • Items have 5 quality levels: ordinary, unusual, rare, epic, legendary and iconic

  • Iconic Items are one of a kind for example "chaos" pistol you can get after defeating Royce


There will be roadblocks around Watson for the duration of prologue.Yorinobu Arasaka is in possession of the immortality chip (he stole it from his dad) The scene with Adam Smasher is from a brain dance in Yorinobu's hotel room (so he's probably his bodyguard).


  • Convoy

  • Fixer

  • client

  • Scanner hustles

  • Unauthorized access

  • Smuggling activity

  • Junk shop

  • Suspected organized crime

  • Unauthorized access

  • Traveling dealer

  • V's apartment

  • Main job

  • Side job

  • Gun For Hire

  • Search And Recovery

  • Thievery

  • Agent Saboteur

  • SOS

  • Merc Needed

  • Special Delivery

  • Assault in Progress

  • CyberPsycho Sighting

  • Clothing Stores

  • Ripperdocs

  • Techies

  • Weapons/Gun Shops

  • Trainers

  • Food/Restaurants

  • Bars

  • And other side quests


  • Lifepaths impact how the story begin and how NPCs interact with you later on

  • In corpo life path you can find out a lot about Arasaka history and also Saburo Arasaka (the founder of the company) who is still alive at 158 years

  • When selecting Corpo as your Life Path, you begin the game at Arasaka Tower

  • When selecting Nomad as your Life Path, you begin in the Badlands

  • When selecting Street Kid as your Life Path, you begin in a bar in Night City

  • Corpo Life Path begins with your boss asking you to break the law

  • All 3 Life Paths may lead to 3 mostly different game experiences for the entirety of the game


You can customize everything (even teeth). For those who want to see every option, there's a lot :

  • Hair (35)

  • Skin tone (6)

  • Skin type (5)

  • Eyebrows (8) or OFF

  • Eyebrow colour (8)

  • Cyber-mark (8) or OFF

  • Nose (17)

  • Mouth (17)

  • Jaw (17)

  • Ears (17)

  • Facial scars (9)

  • Facial tattoos (6)

  • Piercings (1 1)

  • Piercings colour (6)

  • Teeth (4) (pink,gold,etc.)

  • Eye makeup (8)

  • Eye makeup colour (9)

  • Lip makeup (6)

  • Lip makeup colour (9)

  • Cheek makeup (5)

  • Cheek makeup colour (3)

  • Blemish (3)

  • Blemish colour (6)

  • Nails (long / short)

  • Nails colour (lO)

  • Nipples (3)

  • Body tattoos (5)

  • Body scars (2)

  • Dicks(2)

  • Vagina(1)

  • No genitalia

  • Heart/skull/cross/target shaped iris (and tons more eye customization)

  • There will be multiple body sliders (including for your dick)

  • You can trim your pubes

There will most likely be more options


1.Most expensive perks:

  • STREET BRAWLER: "Guerilla"- Killing foes increases critical hit by 60% for 1 0 secs

  • ATHLETICS: "Hard motherfucker"- Armour and resistances increase by 20% for 1 0 secs

  • ANNIHILATION: "Redacted" - Dismembering foes reduces recoil by 50% for 6 secs

  • REFLEX : HANDGUNS: "Redacted" - Land a critical hit and get an armour boost for 20 secs

  • RIFLES: "Punisher" - Kill an enemy to nullify weapon sway and spread for 1 0 secs

  • BLADES: "Dragon Strike" - Strong attacks consume stacked bleeding effects and deal 15% damage

  • TECH ABILITY * CRAFT: "Revamp"- Increase sale price of crafted items by 25% * ENGINEERING: "Crazy Science" - Increase tech weapon damage by 25%

  • COOL * STEALTH: "Toxicology" - Poison duration increased by 5 secs * COLD Blood: "Merciless" - if Cold Blood active, crit chance +1 0% and crit damage +2%

  • INTELLIGENCE * DEVICE HACKING: "Transmigration" - Increase Breach time protocol by 25% * TARGET HACKING: "Master Memory" - Increase memory regeneration speed by 25%

2. Some athletic perks:

  • Gladiator - reduces damage taken while blocking by 20%.

  • Regeneration - slowly regenerates health in combat.

  • Pack Mule - doubles carrying capacity.

  • Invincible -increases maximum health by 10%.

  • Super Hero Landing - reduces fall damage by 5%.

  • Multitasker - lets you shoot while sprinting, sliding and jumping at the same time.

  • Transporter - lets you shoot and sprint while carrying a body.

  • Hard motherfucker - at the start of a fight, armor and resistance are increased by 20% for 10 seconds. 

3. Some crafting perks:

  • Master Gunsmith - 5% chance of getting an additional prototype component as crafting material for every item made. 

  • R&D - the said skill that enables you to upgrade items to the legendary quality level.

  • Crazy Science is a trait, a kind of master skill at the bottom of the talent tree, which increases the sales prices of your items by 25%.

4. Some engineering perks:

  • Mech Looter - you can loot scrap from drones, robots and mechs and have a 30% chance of finding weapon parts. 

  • Blast Shielding - reduces your explosion damage taken by 10%.

  • Shrapnel  - adds 20 additional damage to all previous garnet effects. 

  • Grenadier - make the explosion radius of grenades visible to you.

  • Reverse engineering - lets you take off weapon mods.

  • You can't touch this - make yourself immune to the effects of your own grenades


  • Subway

  • Car customization

  • Apartment customization

  • Being able to have more than 1 apartment

  • closets in your apartment

  • Wall running

  • Flathead (we won't be able to use it)

  • Techie class (it is now merged with the netrunner class)


  • You can have no genitalia, still unknown how this will work

  • Romanceable NPCs have genitalia preference

  • Romances happen "organically". You probably won't have a dialog option with a heart symbol. Some romance options will be impacted by your previous choices (example used was the butterfly effect of Witcher 3 quests)

  • There are deep romance option as well as one night stands

  • The only known romance options yet are Meredith Stout and Judy Alvarez


  • Let's not kid ourselves: Cyberpunk 2077 has bugs right now - noticeable.

  • There were no serious bugs or crashes , only General bugs (Category C) - Does not prevent game progress, but still worsens gameplay , Minor errors (category D) - Minor inconsistencies and deviations from the planned process, which however does not have a high priority and Cosmetic mistakes (category E) - minor optical blemishes



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