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Night City: The Cyberpunk 2077 map

The Cyberpunk 2077 map is truly loaded with fun stuff. There are enormous, multi-level skyscrapers that dominate the Night City horizon, some of these high rises are basically self-contained cities. The Cyberpunk 2077 world is a whole lot bigger than you think. The map is also split into six districts with their own distinct ambience. Here's a guide on everything you'll find in the Night City


What is Night City?

Night City is a dump and has been voted in the Cyberpunk 2077 world as "the worst place to live in America" thanks to a "sky-high rate of violence and more people living below the poverty line than anywhere else". A fictional Californian settlement atop real-world Morro Bay, Night City has been the setting of Cyberpunk since its earliest days as a tabletop RPG.

Established in 1994 as a haven from the crimewaves rocking North America, its utopian status didn't last long; ironically, it was soon taken over by the mob and cutthroat businesses. This led to the dystopia you'll find in the game.The city is divided into wildly different districts.

The centre is an economic paradise of slick megacorporations, but this is surrounded by an untamed 'Combat Zone' filled with the desperate and the destitute. To make matters worse, the city has been through the ringer in the last few decades. As well as its gang takeover and crime-ridden underbelly, it was abandoned as a lost cause by the US government in the mid 21st Century.

Night City has also been struck by nuclear war in the not-so-distant past.Night city is just starting to get back on its feet by 2077. Expect to find a metropolis starting a new chapter when you boot up the game.The

Cyberpunk 2077 map is divided into several districts, below is a guide to each:



This neon rococo distric has been described as the meeting point of money and crime. It's an eye-catching yet dangerous urban jungle that blends neon extravagance with the gritty criminal darkside. You will see colorful ads and eye-catching lights in the bustling streets of this district, but look closer and you'll find a more grim reality.

Our hero V's apartment can be found in Watson, and it seems to be where our story begins. Watson seems to have had a lot of Asian influences and used to be home to big corporations which have now moved on, allowing the public to swarm in and make the area their own.

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City Centre


The City Centre is more like the vision of the future with its glass-clad skyscrapers and clean ambience. It's the main domain of megacorporations, big business, and the ultra-rich, so it's not exactly lacking in style or security. The City Centre is also one of the newest parts of the city. Back in the Cyberpunk Red Tabletop Role-Playing Game (set in 2030), it was only just being rebuilt after a nuclear attack levelled the whole area. With that in mind, it's likely to be the most 'modern' part of the map.



Pacifica was originally designed as a tourist location within Night City, but it fell into disrepair when the economy collapsed and investors pulled out - Majority of the development was never finished.

In Cyberpunk2077 Pacifica is now a slum in spite of all the cheerful billboards promising a brighter future, the area is lined with burned-out cars, vacant skyscrapers, and garbage on the roads.

The Pacifica community isn't all that welcoming to strangers, and this area is the prize in a tug of war between two rival gangs - the Voodoo Boys and the Animals. The Voodoos are a technologically savvy group of peacekeepers, while the Animals are a bunch of steroid-popping cyber-juicers who've taken over the derelict, eerie Grand Imperial Mall.

The district does have its advantages, though. For starters, its back-alley stalls are the ideal place to hunt down blackmarket cyberware and other rare, illicit goods.



This central district is completely different and there’s a lot of Latin American influences there. It's an up-and-coming suburban area with plenty of money to spare.

However, this area does of course have its own undercurrent of gang influence that will make it dangerous to traverse. It isn't all bad though; thanks to plenty of new money pouring into the up-and-coming district, it's also one of the liveliest parts of Night City. 



CD PROJEKT RED has Westbrook as a playground for the wealthy. The district is located at the north end of Night City and includes the Japan Town neighborhood. Westbrook's style is newer, louder, and more adventurous than a lot of Night City. All that money leads to some interesting fashions.

According to CD Projekt Red's senior concept artist Marthe Jonkers, Westbrook citizens "have their own sort of visual language, visual style, and that’s neokitsch. Neokitsch is really defined by being very colourful, but also using expensive materials, because they're really rich. Usually, that means very natural materials, animal prints and things like that"


Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo is different from the other neighbourhoods. This district is the reason Night City runs at all - it powers the entire area and its littered with power plants and factories. As a result of this the area is polluted.

Marthe Jonkers says "Not only does it look different, but it’s also dangerous in a different way. If you go to Watson at night in the streets, you will probably run into some gang. But in Santo Domingo, and especially in the factory areas, it's really dangerous because it’s so polluted"


Orbital Air Space Centre

Orbital Air Space centre is a location that featured on a Subway map in the Cyberpunk 2077 E3 trailer. Very little is known about Night City's Orbital Air Space Centre. It may serve as an airport of sorts, but not just for normal flights. As the name suggests, it probably connects Night City to Earth's space stations.



Night City's Megabuildings are basically entire societies stuffed inside a skyscraper. These buildings are a self-sustaining micro-community that can operate apart from the rest of Night City. The main character V, has an apartment within one of these Megabuildings in the Watson district.